Tailor made approach to every distinctive situation.

Eventus Group delivers financial, economic and strategic advisory to shareholders and management of companies that are on verge of making significant strategic decisions, be it production expansion, competitor acquisition or trade-sale of the enterprise.

Whatever aid is needed, we identify the needs and wishes of the client, perform appropriate research, analyze financial data and market, provide recommendations, and once they are approved, execute the plan or ensure its smooth implementation. Clients appreciate our tailor made approach to every distinctive situation.

Eventus Group ability to comprehend and determine the value and conditions of a business or transaction, as well as economic circumstances surrounding it, has been one of the basic underlying competencies of the company. Whether buying, selling, borrowing, or planning, it is critical to make informed business decisions from a position of excellent knowledge and in-depth analysis. Producing a company analysis or valuation report, we take into account the type of industry and the state of the economy, as well as our substantial proficiency in business analysis or company valuation practices.

Our strategic and financial advisory services include:

Strategic counseling
Company restructuring
Business planning and financial modeling
Business or transaction valuation
Budgeting and its implementation controlling mechanism development
Strategic management consultations, including professional board and council creation
Financial advisory
Business and economic analysis
Sector analysis and market research
EU structural fund attraction
Development of a long-term strategy for the company